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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dementia and the family

This is a video of a guy who spoke with his mum, and she can't remember his name. It's painful to watch. It's even more painful to watch his reaction after the meeting with his mother. He cried because his mother could remember his name, but forgot that she was his mother.

Monday, 2 January 2017

"I don't like to talk about money" -- A big lie.

Do you know them?

Maybe you know them. The nice guy or nice girl who spends a lot of money, day after day. And then you ask them about their finances, and they say, "I don't like to talk about money".

They think that they are being noble by not touching the "dirty" subject of money. Money isn't dirty if you like to spend it so much, right? In fact, it's a very strange creature who likes to spend and spend, but never keep an eye on how much is being spent!

Probe a little deeper, and that nice guy or nice girl will look at you aghast, with a look in their eye that says, "But surely, money is the root of all evil?!"

And that one line colours their thinking, telling them that it's okay not to talk about money, and how they spend money.

Because talking about money means talking about spending money. And saving money.

Is money the root of evil?

To be sure, the Bible said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." But money in itself, isn't evil.

Here's what the Bible didn't say, but is also true: Unfettered spending without addressing the issue is another ancient evil. It's so evil that there is a fairy tale of the fishwife who wanted everything in the world, only to have the fish stuck to her nose.

There is a passage in the Bible where a husband and a wife sold all they had and kept a little for themselves, while giving a portion to the church. They wanted to claim to have done the will of God, and attain for themselves the blessing, while keeping (secretly) a portion of their wealth. And both of them paid the price: Death!

Money, or the love of it, is what drove Judas to betray Jesus. The Bible says that Judas did it for thirty silver coins.

And all of them sinned because they wanted the money to spend, and spend.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Donald Trump failed. But he got up again.

Congratulations, Mr Trump. You made it to the post of President. You won your election fair and square.

It may not be your intention to inform the public about your past failings, but I think it might be educational, even motivational, for ordinary people like me. Because your winning of the presidency means that you've succeeded where others have failed.

And that means that you probably have a number of lessons about failing, and getting up again, that could benefit ordinary folks like me. And the other readers of this blog. (There is intelligent life out there, no?)

Friday, 25 November 2016

The Ringgit Exchange Rate was set in Singapore until 2013

Blame it on Donald Trump. Ever since he won the American presidency by surprise, the Ringgit has been in a slump. The investors bought into his "Make America Great Again" campaign promise, and have withdrawn their funds from Malaysia.

That puts demand for the Ringgit at a low, while pushing up demand for the US Dollar. End result: Ringgit exchange rate falls, and falls.

So I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald when I came across this piece of news which made me very surprised.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to be a Rentvestor

Today I read an article about how an Australian lady was renting a nice property in town. She was staying at a nice address, but she could not afford to buy a property around that neighbourhood.

But in her mind, she knew that she would be silly not to invest in real estate. Hence, her search for the right strategy started. After all, property ownership is a dream for many people, and they grow up expecting that they will dump all their life savings into a property.

Most people invest in liveable houses, but if you want to invest in a house that fits in the size of your hand, let me know. On a more serious note, investing in property can lead to long term benefits, which we discuss below.

Enter The Rentvestor Strategy

Eventually, after searching high and low, the Australian lady found the "Rentvestor" strategy:

a) Rent a property in the city, and
b) Buy and rent out a property in the outskirts.