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Monday, 9 March 2009

Food and Slimming

Recently, someone close to me confided that she wanted to lose weight. She did not feel confident anymore. She wanted to fit into her old clothes, i.e. The clothes that used to make her feel sexy.

I do understand that feeling attractive is important to a person's psychological well-being. It means that the person is in demand. We are taught by the media that it is good to be desired. And the anti-thesis to that statement is, it is undesirable to be unattractive. It is also not desirable to live a life more solitary, which is rather disparagingly described these days as being anti-social.

Keeping in shape means that the person who is endeavouring to keep in shape is working towards some goal. Perhaps it may be for health. But more often than not it may be for vanity. Sales people will tell you that their sales picks up when they look good. It is easier to get promoted, give a talk, find a job, etc, when you look good.

The thing about losing weight is that you have to lose weight to get to an ideal range of weight. Fasting, creams, and maybe even supplements, are some avenues to losing weight. But one more avenue less explored is the diet.

You may be able to change your diet once you realise that a lot of our cravings for this dish or that, was based on desire insinuated by the media. The media generates buzz, raises awareness, and corrupts.

Thanks to the media, we have to absolutely try certain dishes. Certain rich foods become heavenly and 'to die for'. Eating and dining has become an experience that is to be savoured.

Change your mindset. Food is to the body like petrol to a car -- merely there as fuel to enable the automotive to move. Control your diet based on whether you need to use the calories. That way, you end up looking a little less weighty. In time, you will make reasonable and excellent decisions.