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Thursday, 16 April 2009

112 Ways To Save Money

Recently I found a great list of ways to save money at the website Consumerist. They ran a survey and asked for money saving tips from their readers. Of the responses, they shortened it to 112 great tips. I particularly liked the following:

  • Buying a rotisserie chicken for $5 and eating the white meat for dinner. Next, cooking the skin, bones and whatever leftover meat in a pressure cooker to make 2 quarts broth. 
  • Serging socks which have a hole in the toe section.
  • Placing mason jars in your toilet.
  • Saving $5 bills.
  • Eat something before going out so that you won't order something expensive.
  • Fill a flask with your favourite drink when going out so that you won't buy drinks.
  • Buy in bulk with friends and share the bulk items.

Link to >> 112 Ways To Save Money <<