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Friday, 17 April 2009

Free ebook -- The Dharma of Simplicity

The Dharma of Simplicity is a free ebook written by the Missouri Zen Center. Its editor, Kouryo Claire Schosser, has chosen a collection of well-written articles. These include:

  • Simplifying our lives
  • Freedom from desire
  • Silence and simplicity
  • Tips for living more simply
  • Reducing unwanted communications
  • Your money or your life

Admittedly the text does have a Buddhist tone but it is this meditative tone which makes the reading contemplative. A word of caution: the language of this book is quite formal and may require re-reading to appreciate.

You can download the book here:

>> The Dharma of Simplicity <<


吴若童 said...
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吴若童 said...

I just translated Thriving on Less to a Chinese version.

And now, I am trying to translate this new book into Chinese to share with my friends.

Please do recommend more free e-books in the future.


Kevin said...

Thanks friend, for dropping by.