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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Free Forms For Financial Planning

There are several forms available online for you to use to budget your expenses. I intend to use some of them. Maybe you can, too! These are a few I managed to track down.

  1. Michigan State University -- Managing Your Money Worksheets. Six (6) pages of no-nonsense forms to keep your mind focussed. The forms would include:
    1. What is our income
    2. Where, What, How much do we owe
    3. When are monthly bills due
    4. Occasional big expenses
    5. Our spending plan -- fixed expenses
    6. Our spending plan -- controllable expenses
    7. Record of controllable expenses
    8. Summary of spending for month
  2. Australia's Child Support Agency -- Me and My Money. A forty four (44) page booklet containing practical advice for divorcees on how to stretch their dollar after separation. "Tools" include:
    1. A "Super List" listing all possibilities of regular shopping
    2. A "Super List" listing regular billing
    3. A "Super Tracker" to help you track your expenses from Monday to Sunday, in various categories (e.g. food and drink, travel, clothing, etc.)
    4. A "Super Planner" to help you plan your expenses for the year.
  3. Australia's Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs -- Keys To Living Together: Instant Families. Contains a section "Preparing A Budget" altogether four (4) pages (pp. 24 to 27) which lists down great forms:
    1. Working out your regular income
    2. Working out your regular expenses
  4. Consumer Affairs Department of Victoria (Australia) -- Managing Your Money. You will learn how to:
    1. Set goals
    2. Calculate your worth
    3. Cash flow statements and budgets
    4. Pay off the card
    5. Settle mobile phone debt
  5. Michigan State University Care -- Managing Your Money: A Family Plan. Five (5) good pages of forms to help you estimate:
    1. Things you and your family want
    2. How much money is coming in?
    3. How you spend your money
    4. Your spending plan
  6. Australia's Securities and Investments Commission (a.k.a. FIDO) -- FIDO Budget Planner v.3. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate your expenses. Online version here.
  7. Australia's Understanding Money website -- Budget Planner. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  8. University of California, Santa Barbara -- Simple Budget Planner. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that lists expenses quarterly. Best for students. 
  9. -- Family Budget Planner. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that lists expenses for up to one year. Best for families. 
  10. -- Monthly budget planner. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that lists expenses and income, and calculates the net result.