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Monday, 20 April 2009

Learn To Protect Yourself from Scams .... Read This Book


Thanks for reading yet another post at Frugal Mag. It's quite common for the frugal man (or woman) to jump at good deals. There's nothing quite like buying five shirts for RM15, or buying three burgers for the price of one.

Since us skinflints love good deals, scammers have become bold and there are many out there to scam you! This is where you need to increase your knowledge and learn about scams.

As Thomas Tusser once said, a fool and his money are soon parted. So it's a good idea to protect yourself.

The ACCC's Little Black Book of Scams

Of interest, is an e-book from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in conjunction with SCAMwatch. It's called "The Little Black Book Of Scams" and a cursory look at the contents is enough to whet your appetite. These include:
  1. Lotteries, sweepstakes and competitions
  2. Chain letters and pyramid scams
  3. Golden investment opportunities
  4. Banking, credit card and online account scams
  5. Mobile phone scams
  6. Health and medical scams
  7. Dating and romance scams
  8. Job and employment scams
  9. and many others.
Please get a copy from SCAMwatch website or download it from ACCC's website.

Note: The link to ACCC's website was updated on 7th July 2016. The earlier ACCC link stopped working.