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Saturday, 18 April 2009

More Excel Based Budget Planners

Today I decided to follow up on the previous post with another post about budget planners. The only difference is that this time, I decided to focus on Excel based planners, available online. For folks who don't have Microsoft Office, you may try Open Office, available for free at (It's quite good!)

Here are a list of useful XLS files available online, for frugal readers.

  1., Monthly budget planner. The weird part is the columns which have unintelligible numbers on them -- 28.05, 4.06, 11.06, 18.06, 25.06 all suggest weekly intervals.
  2. Cut Your Credit Card Debt, Monthly Budget Planner. The input sections for income are quite limited in this spreadsheet but are unlimited for planning expenditures.
  3. Super 4 You (Australia), Budget Planner. Income and expenditure are viewed as Essential, Lifestyle, Repayments and Savings.
  4. Information-Products, Monthly Planner. Great cataloguing of expenses.
  5. Anglia University, Budget Planner 2007-2008. Great for students but also great for grown ups.
  6. BT Financial Group Australia, Budget Planner Guide
  7. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Family Budget Planner.
  8. Capitol Group Finance, Australia, Budget Planner Worksheet
  9. James Harman & Associates Insurance Agents, Personal Budget Planner
  10. Dept. of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland, Budget Planner.