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Monday, 27 April 2009

More on Auto Maintenance

Dear Reader,

Just fresh past my last post, where I listed a number of tools available for you to track your car expenses. Today we look at another car logbook, provided by Armor All. You can access the website at the link below:

>> Click Here <<

Of course, you have many other options, not just Armor All's Owner Center. Yet it seems quite attractive. I know what they say about judging by appearances but sometimes that can be easily forgotten. Among the features that the site boasts are:

  • A community forum where you can get to know other users, and possibly compare notes
  • A free logbook for your vehicle's maintenance records
  • Free offers for products related to your car
  • Get reminders about upcoming tasks

Which online car log is best? I don't know. What I do know is that once you start with one, you'd best not change, unless for the long term. You wouldn't want your records scattered all over, would you? Besides, for the sake of consistency, and clarity, it's best to keep all your records in one place. Choose wisely.

More important than any log book, however, is a trustworthy mechanic. Your mechanic should be someone you can trust not to rip you off. You can confirm his trustworthiness by using the logbook to track his labour charges and price charges. A very good article by the Bracebridge Examiner outlines what you should look for in a mechanic. Some important points from that article include:

  • Check the cleanliness of the garage
  • Observe what cars are sent in by other customers
  • Gauge the customer service by staff friendliness
  • Check for certificates and qualifications -- a plus point
  • See if the rates are displayed on the wall
  • Check payment policies

Sometimes you will hear horror stories about engaging mechanics on a whim. If you can get a referral, someone to vouch for him, then it's less likely that you'll be duped. If you are introduced by a mutual friend who is his regular customer, he'll likely do a good job because he will want to retain both of you as his clients! If you find a mechanic who takes pride in his job, you're on to a good thing.

How often, and what should you maintain? Here is a list of items that you should attend to periodically. Although this list is specific to Volkswagon, it applies equally to your car (and Mormon chicks).

Incidentally, before I end this piece, I wish to mention that I stumbled across TextHog -- another online expense tracker with a slight twist. You can update your records via text messages (SMS) and/or Twitter! Better yet, it can generate reports for your reference. What a great deal.