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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Repair trends in down times

I read the article, Business Up  In Down Times, with interest. The article, published by the Star, told the fate of various businesses -- and whether consumers were buying various consumer goods anew, or repairing them. To repair or buy? It is simply a question of economics. From the article, it can be surmised that Malaysian consumers are following the following trends.

  • More people are going to the cobblers instead of buying new shoes.
  • People continue to buy cheap clothes rather than tailor them.
  • People are putting off buying new cars.
  • People are also dragging their engine repairs / maintenance for as long as possible.
  • More people prefer to buy new mobile phones than to repair.
  • People continue to repair their electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Some people have started to sell their electrical / electronic appliances.
  • Many are buying new computers rather than to upgrade their old computers.

Are these really frugal trends?