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Friday, 5 June 2009

Cheap Music CD's

It is a fact that the advent of the MP3 has caused online sales of music to surge. Apple's online music store, iTunes, is widely regarded as the world's biggest and most successful online music store. eMusic and Sony Entertainment have also inked a deal to form what will be the second biggest online music store. What does this all mean? In an age where online sales of music is surging, CDs are languishing in the music stores.

I very recently visited a music store and found that many classics from the 60's, 70's and 80's were selling for what could be called a cheap rate. "Essential classics" from acts such as Billie Holiday, Earth Wind and Fire, and others were going for as low as RM33. Wow! Now, more than ever, I feel like purchasing a DiscMan. A portable CD player for me to play and listen to music everywhere I go -- and it used to be so hip in the 90's, when I was growing up. Somehow, even after entering the working world and earning a decent income, I never got round to buying that DiscMan. (My girlfriend has one, though I doubt that she'd part with it anytime soon.)

Thus, begins my exploration into music CD's. I hope to purchase affordable compilation music CD's, every month. Of course, I am reminded of my recent splurge at Carrefour where they very kindly began selling novels and other such interesting books for the jaw-dropping figure of RM5 per book! Needless to say, as a self-confessed bookworm, my reading habit has returned, and I find myself peering through the pages of a novel whenever I have a vacant evening to spare. The hot, humid weather keeps us Malaysians awake these few weeks, and I believe I have found my source of night time entertainment. I must confess -- my idea of a good time does not involve smoky cafes with pounding music: hardly a place for conversation.