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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Free business templates

I just found this page:

Today I was speaking with a friend. He was telling me about how many small business owners were struggling with their business. They set up shop, and try to make things work. Somehow, it's tough. With nobody to guide you, it's like floating in the ocean on your own.

The solution is to search for free business templates. There are sufficient business templates available on the Internet. Of course, these are quite generic. Further customization can be obtained with the help of the professionals.

One resource that I've found is the SME Toolkit, thanks to the link above (thanks to!). The most useful page so far is the Business Forms. Many businesses have invoices, payment vouchers, receipts, ledgers -- things that can be bought from the local bookshop. But the diference with a soft copy is that it can be edited on your computer. It can even be saved on your computer, and shared online, and finally printed only if necessary.

I find that if there are templates for OpenOffice, things would be even better! But since the forms at SME Toolkit are in RTF format, OpenOffice can also access the forms. RTF is a pretty universal format, which allows its users to access it via Microsoft Word (which I refuse to use), Wordpad, Abiword, OpenOffice (which I now use), and even Atlantis Nova (which I liked to use).

SME Toolkit is quite impressive. The business partners for the website include: Google, IBM, European Union Export Helpdesk, Bankrate Inc.