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Friday, 12 June 2009

Towing Truck Service

In buying a car, at any time, you should be ready for that moment when your car sputters and dies. You may be driving, off to see someone important. Or, you may be driving in rush hour. Or you could be driving someone important, to somewhere important. In any case, cars do break down, and the consequence is that towing is required.

In owning and driving a car, be sure to have a towing service at hand. A good, reliable towing service will ensure that you have peace of mind whenever your car breaks down.

I personally drive an Audi A6, and I have found that my old car sometimes gives way. Very recently, on Thursday, I serviced my car at 10.30am in the morning, and proceeded with my daily business. For the rest of the day, there was no trouble. Yet at 5.30pm my car decided to lose power. The dashboard indicated that oil was the problem. Lucky for me, I could rely on MSIG. I have found that their service is quite reliable. In fact, when I called them, they quickly asked me if my car was lowered. When I said no, they said they would try to get a carrier tow truck for my car. Shortly after the estimated 30 minutes to arrival, my tow truck had arrived. The driver was a jovial fellow and made jokes at his own expense. He happily towed my car to my regular workshop. He took the trouble to suggest where to park my car, and actually helped me to park it there. The best thing is that it is part of your subscription to their services. So, the towing service (if you use it) will be free.

You can read their tow assist booklet here.

Other towing services (for example) are:

Tokio Marine Insurance
Berjaya Sompo Insurance

A good towing service will save you countless hours of heartache. At the very least you will be confident that whatever happens to your car, at least there's someone to tow it.