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Monday, 24 August 2009

Ali Hale's Free E-Book

Dear reader,

Today we have a free e-book from Ali Hale of South London. From the blurb at PR Web, here is some background information about the e-book, titled: Quit Your Day Job.

The author of the ebook, Ali Hale, left her own job in the IT industry a year ago, and makes a living from blogging. Dismayed by the number of her contemporaries settling for jobs they disliked, she wrote an ebook outlining three methods of making a living without a job, all of which she has direct experience with: freelancing, starting a small business, and making passive income from websites.

The e-book is good and slim. At 27 pages, it makes for easy reading. I must note, many of the points that Ali makes are short and simple, with links to full posts and/or external websites for further reading. It's great to see where this young lady has been getting her inspiration from, and it's better to understand what her aspirations are. In this day and age of sophisticated Internet anonymity, Ali Hale has shown us a little sharing and caring. Self-promotion, or outright generosity? Perhaps a little of both. Nevertheless, this delightful e-book comes with an unbeatable price: free! Get it before she expands it into the next non-fiction NY Times bestseller.

>> Link to "Quit Your Day Job" e-book <<