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Monday, 21 September 2009

Frugal Traveller in HK

I'd be lying if I said that I did not do anything frugal, or discover anything frugal, during my trip to HK. In fact, some things now come to mind. Here are some:

1. For your travelling needs, buy the Octopus card at HKD150. You can use it aboard buses and at convenience stores as well, such as Circle K and 7 Eleven. But the real reason is that subway (MTR) rates are cheaper, discounted, when you use Octopus cards.

2. Eat where the locals eat! Although this may seem obvious, it does not always cross your mind at first instance. Street hawker fare here is often replicated overseas. The wonton or wantan noodles are superb, filled with real prawns -- unlike scrawny wontons, or wantans, in Malaysia / Singapore! No point eating pricey, foreign food that could be gotten elsewhere. Try the dimsum too, while in HK -- although, for me, HK dimsum seems too steep. I prefer Jalan Ipoh dimsum, which comes at a very, very reasonable price.

3. For shopping, Shenzhen would be a better venue, especially if it came to clothes and fashion accessories. For electronic devices, HK is still better than Shenzhen as mainlanders sometimes sell OEM brands to unsuspecting foreigners.

4. Needless to say, food is cheaper in Shenzhen when compared to food in HK. If in HK, I counted myself lucky if my meal cost between HKD18 to HKD25; in Shenzhen, quaint little shops sell you meals starting at RMB15. But then again, we didn't take full advantage of the cheaper food, instead indulging in our favourite Dong Men street tidbits -- octopus ball, spicy sotong satay, beef kebabs, and the like.

More to come, as I recall the wondrous journey that just very recently transpired.