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Monday, 21 September 2009

Helping Others

Kindness is often mentioned whenever we speak of poor people. People often equate 'poor people' with the homeless, the destitute, the filthy, the suffering, and so on and so forth. Yet we forget so often that aside from those who live continents away, there are those closer to home, who could use some kindness. It is these people who need your attention. They may be peeople you already know, people close tto you, whether in your wworkplace, or within the six degrees of separation. You can contribute to their homes and their lives by giving to them from the abundance of your home. So, live frugally. If you have a piece of bread, you can break off half and give the other half to yoour friend. You never know when a friend is too proud to ask. But if you were indeed his friend, do you need to ask him whether he wants you to be generous to him? There are people living amongst us known as the genteel poor: proud, and honourable, and too proud to ask for help. Help them, you never know whether your help has saved him from certain doom. But do remember not to lavish money or needless expenditure on him. Any man can enjoy the benefits of lucre. But few know how to apply it sparingly and help their fellow man.