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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mobile Phone Productivity

Sometimes, friends note that I tote a somewhat expensive mobile phone. Is that frugal? It really depends. If your aim is to get your calls aand send/receive text messages, then your old mobile phone from 2001 shouldd be the perfect tool. But given the state of technology, there's every reason to embrace the possibilities: Internet, camera, FM radio, push-to-talk, word prrocessing, et cetera. You might be surprised to learn, too, that I am using Opera Mini 5 beta to type thhis piece. That wouldn't be possible, for example, if I had chosen to stick with my old mobile from 2001. In fact, I got a new mobile phone in 2005 as a birthday gift -- the Sony Ericsson K500i. It was wonderfful to own a phone that was superior to my 8310. And as my mobile phone picture collection shows, I did capture a few magic moments with my present girlfriend (and also fiancee). These things cannot be bought in any alternative way. For me, the modern mobile phone is a productivity tool: no doubt, it will never replace my desktop and the printer combo, but it gives me value in other ways. Especially, accessing the Internet in cafes (with wifi access), to get information at the snap of my fingers. In short, it is a necessity for me. But that is not all: in my mind, the only real alternative would be to pair a cheapo mobile phone, with a netbook. The price would rival that of a smartphone, but the word processing would be better.