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Monday, 28 September 2009

Resources For Losing Weight Online

Just a few days ago, I discovered the very inspiring and meaningful blog of Jennifer Brindley, who blogs about weight loss and her photography business. Called the Ex Hot Girl blog, it's a candid and heartwarming account of one girl's efforts to get back her "hotness". I notice that people in urban areas tend to be more sedentary than those in the rural areas, and having all the luxuries of modern machinery (read: cars!) does not aid the cause of those who should be sweating their extra calories off. But I've also noticed that people in Singapore and Hong Kong, and generally cities with lots of people -- which forces you to rely on public transportation -- will walk a lot. And these people will be (generally) slimmer. I can't recommend enough the act of reliance on public transport in slimming down. An alternative, may be to rely on bicycles, and the many people moving around on bicycles in China is testament to the health benefits that can be obtained from cycling around.

Spending too much time online will certainly cause one to be too sedentary. In Facebook, the Malaysian McDonald's fan page has a discussion board, and one of the threads describes one person's unhappy experience with McRempits ... It goes to follow that he (the author) has had to order the meal online, because he was preoccupied with being online! Surprisingly, the author managed to get some sympathy posts. It is apparent that quite a number of people have had their McDonald's orders delivered in less than satisfactory condition. Imagine if the author had made the trip to McDonald's -- he would have had the chance to see people in motion, society in its hustle and bustle, possibly catch the eye of a cutie or two, and who knows -- maybe bump into an old friend. On the way, he would have parked the car somewhere, and walked a bit -- ah, that would have been exercise for him! But, as is customary with so many people, it is common to work through lunch hour, or update their Facebook page.

Today, we explore the following resources, to help you keep track of losing weight. All of the following listings are free, and registration is only a matter of clicks. The only thing not provided is a gym, but if you're living in a condominium, the gym is complimentary (at least, the last time I checked!). I've listed down a few, and bear in mind that the Internet, being a constantly evolving resource, is filled with multiple resources that are just waiting to be explored! Do drop by Google or Microsoft's new Bing and search for that service that you need.

Category: Diet/Recipe Database
1. SparkPeople -- Free tools started by former eBay employees Chris Downie and his wife. The tools are quite comprehensive, including nutrition tracker, fitness tracker, quick tracking of glasses of water, with community features as well.

Category: Food/Caloric Journal
1. SparkPeople -- Free registration and free tools. Highly recommended with an unbeatable price tag.
2. LiveStrong -- Daily plate, BMI calculator, caloric intake tracker, etc. A Gold membership is possible, for USD29.90.
3. Totally free, with database of food / activities calories.

Category: Gym/Exercise Journal
1. FitDay -- offers a basic free membership and a paid premium membership. The free membership is already quite robust and includes daily caloric count, weight loss and goals, detailed analysis of foods, diet analysis, etc. A software is available for (paid) download, which links to your online account.
2. SparkPeople.
3. Online Fitness Log.
4. FitNRG -- NRG is pronouned "energy". Free registration.

Category: Personal Weight Journal
1. Start Your Diet -- offers a basic free membership and a paid deluxe membership. The basic membership is pretty robust and offers many features such as meal intake chart, diet blog, diet profile, exercise database, weight chart, diet recipes, etc.
2. SparkPeople.
3. Microsoft's 2008 Weekly Weight Loss Tracking Chart -- Someone do a new version for 2010!
4. -- Free Excel forms to track weight loss.

Category: Community
1. WeightWatchers -- Message boards are free, but the rest require some financial contribution.

Category: Health Website / Portals
1. Everyday Health


Jennifer Brindley said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog!!! :)<3

Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Kevin said...

Thanks Jennifer :)

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