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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

On perfectionist girls

Reuters today carried an article which concluded that girls from more educated families have a higher chance of suffering from eating disorders. In describing eating disorders, only the disorder of anorexia was mentioned, presumably in line with the theory that such girls are possibly perfectionists.

In my opinion cerebral girls are desirable. I admire Martha Stewart, because she cooks, and has fun cooking -- besides the other mishmash of activities that she has at the same time. Besides, one way to be frugal is to cut down on eating out. If frugal fun can be had in the kitchen, and if you can watch your calories at the same time, don't you think you have a winning combination? Thus, girls with a perfectionist attitude ought to learn to cook. The added benefit is that, once they get ready for marriage, any traditional mother-in-law would approve of them!

Still, some of these girls possess a competitive streak, wanting to prove themselves in the workplace before settling down. In cases like this, the opinion of a mother-in-law is second to the opinion of a workplace superior. By packing food from home, these dedicated workers can show their superior that dedication by bringing lunch to work, and maximizing lunch hour (getting work done), instead of whiling away the hours and frittering away their lunch money. If these hard workers have kids, these kids can pack food from home and have a more balanced diet.