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Monday, 21 September 2009

The Situation, post-holiday

Well, I've returned from Hong Kong. The simple fact is that I've not been as frugal as I should have been. The facts are as follows:

1. On 9th September, 2009, I was persuaded by my partner to invest in a little trinket at the goldsmith's -- as a memory of our trip there.

2. On 15th September, 2009, the day of our departure from HK, I purchased a mobile phone for her -- as her old mobile was going wonky.

3. On 10th September, during one of the city tours, I purchased a little pendant at a factory -- again, as a memory of our trip there.

Those were the big culprits. I've forgotten to mention another one:

4. On 6th September, at the MATTA Fair, I spent about RM1,300/- to pay for accomodation and ground arrangements.

Reflection is good. Constant reflections turn us ordinary blokes into philosophers, just as pressure turns coal into diamonds. Hindsight is not bought with money, but through experience.