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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Free eBook and A Curious Video: Every Other Day Diet!

Here is a link to an online video on the Every Other Day Diet, which I found while surfing the Telegraph Online. Apparently the EODD, or the Every Other Day Diet (as its author calls it), is an effective method to lose weight. Its author even calls it a lifestyle nutritional programme, endorsed by medical doctors like John Matt Yuill, Holly Nucille, and John Berardi.

The Every Other Day Diet is marketed as an eBook. Its premise is that you can eat whatever you like, provided you follow the method proposed by its author, Mr Jon Benson. It seems that even singer Jordin Sparks has a link to the above video, except that the link is slightly  different.

Jon Benson has also written an eBook, The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint. You may download it here in PDF format (approx. 3.5 mb).

Thank you Mr Jon Benson!