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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Free e-book on Twitter

Dear reader,

Thanks for visiting this blog once again. Today we have a link to an e-book, called "Using Twitter Effectively", by Scott Herbert. Today, marketing on the Internet has proven to be profitable and effective. It is today possible to reach audiences worldwide, in places where merely a decade ago it was thought impossible, or too expensive, or simply not worth reaching.

I happen to know a friend who leverages on "social media" to get his products and services out there in the open. This new social media, as most people will know, comprises blogs, social networking websites, and document sharing. Part of this new "social media" is the gravitation to "micro-blogging", which is really another way of telling people what you are doing, more frequently, in less words.

Twitter has evolved to become one of the most popular micro-blogging websites available on the Internet today. "Status updates" have become commonplace, even expected. Even Zuckerberg's Facebook, apparently the most successful social networking website today, offers users a chance to update their status statements: Are you eating a hamburger, or writing an essay, or just goofing off? Take the plunge and let the world know, in as few words as possible.

Twitter is an online phenomenon whose presence in the Internet seems likely to continue for the immediate future. Its competitors seem to have fallen on the wayside, perhaps due to non-savvy decisions, or perhaps due to sheer bad luck. Whatever it may be, today's offering on Frugal Mag will be appropriate for you, dear reader, if you decide to dabble in the art of "tweeting", as the act of using is commonly known amongst its aficionados.

Click to read: Using Twitter Effectively, by Scott Herbert.