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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Free Magazines Online

I am one of those individuals who scare myself by wanting to buy every interesting book that I come across in the bookstore. It is, I suspect, quite normal for a young, discerning adult who is teetering into the realm of middle-agedness (if I only live to be sixty, I am already middle-aged!) to want to absorb more and more knowledge. All this chasing of ephemeral knowledge seems merely a futile attempt to avert the inevitable: The acknowledgement that life, in its unabashed fashion, keeps marching ever on, like the band on National Day parade, and it won't stop for anyone.

I have stacks and stacks of books; no, I am mistaken: in actual fact, I have racks and racks of books. But the racks have all been filled, and now books newly acquired are stacked on the floor, growing like an inorganic jungle, strangely alive and dusty, but never growing too high before toppling over as I carelessly mop the floor. Tonight I am blessed, to learn that some private colleges do not actually subscribe to academic journals and important periodicals. Instead, these frugal institutions of learning (how came they by the decision to skimp on education?) decided, through some internal logic, that they would save the money and instead put, on their much-revered collegiate website, a list of links to scholarly publications!

Tonight, I stumbled across this gem of a page from an unknown college in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.  Not all the links are working, however. Therefore, in the interest of sparing you, dear reader, the agony of having to discover which links are not working, here are a few journals located (and accessible, as of today) online for your reading pleasure and edification.

Here are a few more that I discovered elsewhere, independently: