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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Making It In 2010

Some e-books have been generously made available by their writers or sponsors, in conjunction with the new year. Naturally it will be quite good if we can list down some of these books. Unfortunately, some writers also realise that sales of the print copy of these e-books may not do as well at the bookstore, due to: (a) people being able to download these e-books for free; and (b) people trying to conserve trees by not purchasing print copies of books.

So, without further ado, here are some books to usher in 2010.

  • Marketing in 2010: An e-book featuring contributions and interviews with 10 different people. It focuses on using social media for your business, and runs 36 pages long. PDF format.  Thank you,!
  • First Look at Microsoft Office 2010: An e-book to introduce you to Microsoft Office 2010. If you (like many other white collar workers) use Microsoft Office, it's only a matter of time before you meet its latest incarnation (although, perhaps not this year).  Format: PDF
  • Seth Godin's What Matters Now: Excellent e-book from the guru of marketing who came up with the concept of "permission marketing". A print version is available at a nearby bookstore. Seth Godin's books have been translated into many languages. Roughly 3 mb to download, PDF Format.
  • Jill Konrath's Get Back To Work Faster: Written for the job-seeker, this 177 page e-book shows you how to get back into the workforce, and, in the process, get a job that you genuinely like.  Format: PDF
  • The Elite Advisor's Sales Ideas and Marketing Strategies from World Class Coaches: Packed in 67 pages, comes a sagely collection of ideas from 23 business coaches. The typography and typesetting could be a little bit better, but the content is unbeatable. Format: PDF
  • Jill Konrath's Selling To Big Companies: Excellent book that challenges the salesman in you to sell to a bigger client. Why limit yourself to the pool of little clients? If you have been wondering what it takes to wheel and deal with the big boys, this e-book will help -- a bit. It only covers the first two chapters, so you'll have to purchase the print edition if you like it. 27 pages, PDF Format.
  • Sales Fuel: Ten authors share their tips for a sprint to the finishing line in sales and marketing. Format: PDF
  • Top Sales Experts 2007 Christmas Edition: A Collection of interviews with successful marketeers. Format: PDF
  •'s The One Piece Of Advice You Can't Generate Leads Without: Thirty six pages long, this e-book is able to provide appropriate advice on how to generate leads. Surprisingly, even law marketing is covered. Format: PDF
  • Thriving On Less: This e-book, numbering only 27 pages long, is designed for simplicity. Format: PDF
  • Immediate Money Immediately: Containing 132 pages of practical advice, Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel advise you on how to raise funds through Internet marketing. This includes how to write killer topic or headers in order to attract crowds. Good for the curious. Format: PDF
  • Make Millions and Make Change!: By Mike Mann, it includes practical plans and explanations on how write a winning plan, etc. It holds the distinction of being capable of printed out and immediately pasted and/or folded to resemble a normal book under A4. Format: PDF
Thank you.
Hopefully, some of the above have proven to be effective.