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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

On Painting, and a Chalkboard Paint Recipe

Dear Reader,

I've been having a weekend of house painting. Naturally, some things take time, and I foresee another weekend of house painting coming up. Things happen for a reason, and I am painting a certain apartment with a view to letting it out or selling it off. But letting out an apartment can take time, and in the meantime I have intentions to use it as a weekend office / sleepover place. Buying a sofa for the place would probably be equivalent to: (a) Hotel charges for two nights (budget hotel); or (b)A round of weekend shopping with the girlfriend. It'd probably be money well invested; plus any potential tenant would appreciate the furniture.

Painting the house has been relatively painless, given that I am using the services of a small contractor. But contractors tend to escalate their charges as we give them more work, so I've decided to do things step-by-step. Painting comes first. Doors and windows come next. The bathroom will come after that. So far, I've used two wonderful colours to colour the walls of the house:
  • Blue "Walking On Sky" (TOA Top Matt #7323); and
  • Off-white "Lily White" (Nippon Satin Glo #476)

I've also used wall sealer (TOA Wallsila) to treat the wall before painting over it. Painting isn't complete yet, and yesterday I bought another three tins to prepare for another round of painting. I've also purchased a PVC door for the bathroom but installing the door is not my area of expertise -- perhaps I'll get the contractor to do it when he comes by. I've learned a few things from this painting exercise.

a) Walls must be cleaned, washed and left to dry before painting can commence. I did this over three weekends, a few months ago. Doing it all by myself (with my girlfriend) left me fatigued, and I did not come near the apartment for some time. But the new year arrived, and painting up the apartment was part of my new year resolutions. I'm just worried I may lose steam if I stall, so it's full steam ahead for now. Oh, and I forgot to mention that can of white paint that we used during one of the weekends. But it's now covered by a spanking new coat of paint.

b) Rollers are good for applying paint over a large surface area, but care must be taken to avoid the edges of the wall, lest the ceiling or the floor get a dab of paint. A margin of about two inches from the edge would be sufficient to allow a painter to cover the edges later. When using a roller, consistent up-and-down motions are best, as the direction of the brush strokes will show when the paint dries.

c) A good brush will set you back by about RM20, but that's where the complains end. A cheap brush will cost you about RM5, and shed hair like a dog. This is why if you observe some DIY painted walls, you will notice hairs, stuck under the coat of paint. While it adds texture to the wall, it represents an imperfection, and should be avoided wherever possible.

d) A ladder is essential for reaching great heights -- at least, the greater heights in your apartment. In its absence, a stool will make a good substitute. Failure to prepare either will require the painter to use a pole, which may tire him more quickly.

I bought a special edition magazine called "COLORS Made Easy" by Better Homes and Gardens. It is fantastic, and has detailed explanations about what colour schemes work. Apparently blue and white is one of the oldest colour schemes the world has seen: Ceramics from the Ming dynasty show extensive use of cobalt blue and porcelain white.

Chalkboard paint is an unusual finish for any surface, but converts the said surface into a usable space for writing memos and making notes. Surprisingly, we can create our own chalkboard paint. Here are some links to recipes for chalkboard paint:

An excellent resource for looking at colour schemes is Colour Lovers.


Elodie said...

Hello, that is a great idea. Could you tell me where to find magnetic and/or blackboard paint in KL? Thanks a lot.

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suelee said...

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