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Monday, 7 June 2010

From call girl cop to fitness trainer

I read with interest about a police constable who became a call girl in 2007 to pay off her debts. When the prostitution ring she was working for was busted, she was found guilty of misconduct while in public office. Consequently she was sentenced to fifteen (15) months imprisonment. Victoria Thorne, the PC in question, is now a fitness trainer.

(Ref: Sunday Sun, 6th June 2010. Call girl cop starts new career as a fitness trainer.)

The thing is, prostitution does pay well. It is the "oldest profession" for a good reason: it pays. Subsequently, girls who are looking for a quick buck may choose to embark on such a profession. It is an informed decision; not everyone is forced into it. Recently I had the good fortune to read the biographical novel "The Scorpion's Sweet Venom" by Bruna Surfistinha (real name Raquel Pacheco) who left home at the age of 17 to become a prostitute. It was a fully informed decision. By the time she was 21, she was already well known and drawing top dollars. Her nickname literally means "Bruna, the surfer girl".

(Ref: Wikipedia, entry on Bruna Surfistinha.)

I understand from the novel that Raquel is embarking on studies on psychology at university. In the novel, she claims that she would like to counsel people. It is a good aim. It is also good that Brazilian society can accept someone despite her past and give her a second chance.

Back to the police officer at hand. I feel that the tone of the Sunday Sun was that Ms Thorne had tried to hide something, and it wasn't good. Here is an excerpt from the article:

But not long after her release from prison Thorne embarked on her new career. She is unveiled as the new trainer at David Lloyd Teesside in the latest edition of the club’s members’ magazine, Life.

However, in an interview she fails to mention her past careers, either as a police officer or an escort girl.

The article states: “Prior to this she was working in the advertising and print industry. Having done this for six years she felt it was time for a change.”

Although she tells the interviewer that she enjoys travelling and is a big fan of Ibiza, Thorne is particularly secretive about her private life.

And the interviewer even comments on the fact that she changes the subject back to personal training when he tries to ask too many questions.

There, see the words -- "she fails to mention her past careers". It's not much of a career to shout about, having been an escort girl. But it is still a career. Nevertheless, if she wishes to keep it under wraps, who are we to judge her? She has already paid her penance to society by languishing in prison for 15 months. She should be free to embark on new career paths without obstruction from nosey parkers.