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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Money saving idea.... Buying a Coffin

I haven't blogged some time, but I have been browsing online. I wondered who would buy a coffin? Here is an excerpt from an article I read recently:

"A few decades ago, my Grandmother was appalled at how expensive caskets were when you only used them 'the once'. So she purchased two caskets and used them to store linens. A few years later, Grandma and Grandpa had to move but Grandma didn't want her neighbors to know that she had two caskets so she forced my dad and his brother to move them in the middle of the night to the new house. She ended up selling them a few years later since they decided that they wanted to donate their bodies to science and then be cremated."

(Source: The Consumerist, 28th May 2010. 28 Of The Worst Money-Saving Ideas Ever.)

While poking around The Consumerist, I discovered that they have related posts. One of my favourite posts is Save Money On A Funeral. It probably applies universally, but some of the content is specific to the USA, like The Funeral Rule. (Source: The Consumerist, 6th March 2009. Save Money On A Funeral.)

From The Consumerist, the casual reader is directed to the Funeral Consumers Alliance website. I really liked this article from the FCA website: Caskets: Everything the Mortician Won't Tell You and Some Better Places to Shop (dated 26th November 2007). Here is an excerpt:

Why do Americans tend to spend so much on a casket? Well, you might want a grand display for a day or so. Some are even "more comfortable"—with an innerspring mattress and adjustable head-rest. More likely, however, low-cost caskets simply aren't on display. As one reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times found out when the funeral shopper she accompanied asked if there wasn't something less expensive than the $2,000+ casket on display: "They led us to a hall on the way to the boiler room." Another woman was taken to a basement full of cobwebs. And another was subjected to the icy sneer: "Oh . . . you want the welfare casket?"

(Source: Funeral Consumers Alliance, 26th November 2007. Caskets: Everything the Mortician Won't Tell You and Some Better Places to Shop)

I've been seriously thinking for some time about opening up a casket making business. I think that this is one more resource that I can bookmark so that in the future, I wouldn't need to do as much research. There's even links to resources for you to make your own coffin... But in the long run it's the cardboard coffins that I am more interested in.

And for your reading pleasure, here are all the posts tagged with the phrase "FUNERAL" at The Consumerist.