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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Too Many Children ... Is Bad For The Pocket

Here in tropical Malaysia, the government encourages the indigenous majority population to procreate and grow in size. The result is an ever growing majority that outstrips the minorities in growth rate. Ease of income means that the ever growing majority is ever at ease with their cheque books, which should always be in the black.

But I came across this website about how having too many kids can be a drain on the financial resources. It is true that children need to be cared for; were it not so, we would just make babies and leave them to magically grow up into adulthood. I must admit that I had hoped for a big family, but the reality is that, like many other young parents-to-be, my fortunes will dictate how many kids I can have.

Here is an excerpt from the website:


Calvin Murphy - 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women. You sir are our current champion.
Travis Henry - 9 kids by 9 women. All of this by 28. Impressive. He is on pace to catch Calvin. The fact that he's broke from paying child support may slow him down though.
Ex-San Antonio Spur Willie Anderson - 9 illegitimate kids. If only his field goal percentage had been as high as his impregnation rate.
Evander Holyfield - 9 illegitimate kids. Has more kids than brain cells left.
Jason Caffey - 8 kids by 7 women.

Read the rest of the list at Fan IQ,5th January 2009: Athletes With Illegitimate Kids: Expanded And Updated 2009 Edition.

I've begun to wonder how the young parents from the majority group manages to cope with these demanding times. Such things are probably left to the economists to worry about. As a person struggling to make a living without any prospect of a government funded pension, I frequently feel tempted to join the ranks of the civil service. Sometimes I feel that I might be doing civil service a favour by joining them; perhaps the quality of their services would improve.

While winding up this article, I came across a quote from Wikipedia that says:

The late-20th century decline, in Western culture, of the concept of illegitimacy came too late to relieve the contemporaneous stigma once suffered by such creative individuals, born before the 20th century, .... History shows many examples of prominent persons of illegitimate birth who have been driven to excel in their fields of endeavor by a desire to overcome the social stigma and disadvantage that attached to illegitimacy in their time. [citation needed]

(Source: Wikipedia, entry on Legitimacy (Law), accessed on 13th July 2010)

Thus some people will actually go so far as to say that by bringing an illegitimate child into the world, you give him the reason to put in the grit and the effort to succeed ... and he may actually succeed. But being an ugly child myself, I'd always felt the need to prove myself. I know that feeling. I'm glad to know that I've had some similarity with Leonardo Da Vinci.