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Monday, 13 September 2010

Don't Demean Yourself!

Dear Visitor,

The title of this post could just as well be called, What if your wife worked as a ....? But in the interest of addressing everybody's needs and disrespecting nobody, this post has been renamed. :)

Indian news portal, Sify News, carried an article about a British MP's wife who was found to be working as a prostitute. In short, here are the details:
  • Who? He is Tory MP Mike Weatherley, aged 53. She is his Brazilian wife, Carla, aged 39. 
  • When? Very recently.
  • What? She was working in three brothels (according to the news report), charging 70 pounds for oral sex without a condom followed by sex with a condom.
  • How? She was found out by a nosy reporter who had a good time. The wife performed a stripdance for the recorder reporter. The reporter left the room just as she ended her erotic exotic dance.
  • Why? According to Mr Weatherley, they have been separated since February this year. They had married in 2003. When informed by the reporter, he did not seem to know of her occupation. It could be that the wife was unhappy with the separation and got into this occupation to "get back" at him. The hearts of men women are often difficult to decipher.
  • Speculation: We shouldn't speculate. Let's wait for the MP to respond.
Interested readers, please read:
  1. Sify, 6th September 2010. MP's wife found working as a prostitute 
  2. Sydney Morning Herald, 6th September 2010. MP left devastated after discovering wife was a prostitute.
  3. Sunday Mirror, 4th September 2010. Tory MP Mike Weatherley's wife working as a prostitute. (This article was the original one that carried the news, complete with picture.)
  4. The Sun, 5th September 2010. Tory MP's wife is seedy prostitute.

The point I would like to make is that it's not necessary for anyone to become a prostitute. At the most demeaning desperate stages of one's life, it's still possible to pull up from the mess that you may have gotten yourself into. If you want to capitalize on your youth and your perfect figure, that is another thing, but even then there are jobs like modelling or singing or acting. Granted, these jobs may not earn you 70 pounds per hour, but at least they are honest and you can still hold your head up high. (Not that I am disrespecting the flesh trade, it is a perfectly legitimate industry in some countries.)