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Monday, 20 September 2010

Frugal Dating is Sexy

Source: Yahoo! Shine
Just what kind of spending habits are sexy on a date? Especially that crucial first date when you need to impress him or her!

On September 13th the Detroit News featured an article by Brian O'Connor succinctly titled, "Hey, ladies: Frugal is the new Hot!" Referring to the article, Mr O'Connor wrote on the differences between men and women, and how they look at a frugal (or perhaps stingy) date:

According to a study from the online bank ING Direct, 61 percent of men find a frugal blind date to be "smart" and "sexy." Alas, women don't share that attitude: nearly as many females (56 percent) find a money-conscious date to be a turn-off, and 13 percent said they find displays of prudent spending on a blind date to be "boring."

For women impressed by a big spender, "You've got to worry about the flash as much as a lack of cash," Yochim warns. "When a guy spends several hundred dollars on a date, that could very well represent $20,000 in credit card debt. Are you going to walk down the aisle dragging his bad spending habits behind you?"

Guys who find themselves besotted by a cheap date need to wonder if she eats only salad because that's all she's used to after splurging on shoes from "Sex and the City." Or maybe she's just a cheerless cheapskate.

"Whether they spend a lot or save a lot is just one half of the picture," Yochim says. "The other half is, what are their financial priorities? That's usually more in sync with what you look for to see if they're a good potential mate."

So make sure any prospective spouse's values on money line up with their other values. For instance, the ING survey found that both men and women would be more upset by a spouse who cheated than one who racked up loads of debt. Which shows both sexes worry more about a marriage spoiled by insufficient fun than insufficient funds.

The story was covered in other newspapers as well. Here are some parallel reads:
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In conclusion, the majority of men find frugal women sexy but women may find stingy men to be turn-offs. This holds true for the survey but it may yield different results if conducted at another location. The view of different age groups also has not been looked into. I think that people are more accommodating as they get older. Perhaps the realization that retirement is looming in the distance, would motivate them to trim the fat in their spending. For the young, the world is filled with possibilities. Being young also guarantees them of a modicum of stability, when they can be certain of getting their monthly salary month after month -- provided that they retain their jobs. The mentality may be, "I earned it so I can spend it! It's mine!"

But the older generation need not despair, because there are employment opportunities for them as well. Not every retired CEO wants to work as a janitor or a security guard. Rather they can hold glamorous titles such as consultant and associate. Experience is worth something, although it doesn't come graded with A's or B's. Experience can give an edge to an organization, and if they hire retirees, they may be able to avert past disasters from recurring.

Spend a little more the next time you date a pretty girl.