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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Productivity in 11 Words

I found this phrase from Penelope Trunk's career advancement blog. She, in turn, had found it from Lifehacker, which quoted it from Skelliewag's website.

Here they are:

"One Thing At A Time.
Most Important Things First.
Start Now."

I've been saying "One thing at a time" for a long time now. It helps because I am in a high-stress job that requires me to focus on many things at the same time. We know that computers can multi-task because they divide computer cycles into time-slices, so that every application can run uninterrupted, in a seemingly seamless fashion.

But sometimes one thing at a time just doesn't get things done. So "first things first", or this alternative version ("most important things first"), makes sense. One thing at a time, but which thing? The answer is "the most important thing".

And the last part, "Start now", ..... Well, it's time to start my day.