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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Economics of Breaking Up

My friend was aghast to learn that I was going through a hard time with my girlfriend. He crinkled his nose and thought. Then he pointed a finger at me and said, "Haiya! You know that you also contributed to your girlfriend wanting to break up with you. You must see things from her perspective! She is how old? 26? Next year 27 already! You need to know that she was with you for 5 years because she expect to build a future with you. But you didn't marry her, haiya! For a girl, her golden years are between 18 to 25. She can get any man that she want! But after 25, her market starts to go downhill. Some more you didn't marry her yet, haiya... If she breaks up with you, she will need time to recover -- it's true. Say maybe she takes half a year to get over the old relationship and get a new one. If she marries, by 28 she is safe and secure. If not, she pakthor another 2 years then break up. Then it's the last chance. By 30 it's tough to get a boyfriend. She can still find someone, but then if she break up again, by 32 or 33 she won't need to find anyone already. Maybe she can find, but it's not the guy that she wants! But for you, you keep focussing on work and studies and all these social organizations. Forget about it lah, she see that you are so busy until you don't have time for her, might as well she just go elsewhere. You may become successful but if you don't marry her, if you dump her, then she is stuck -- just waiting for you! If you don't want her then she might remain single forever! You know? Of course she can stick with you, and if you marry her, then good lah for her. You become successful and then you give her a good life. But that is taking a chance! What if you don't become successful? What if you marry her and you fail in your career, your studies? That's really the worst case scenario, but at least you still have kids to comfort you. Women ah, by the time they see all their single friends get married and have kids, they also want. You know I got married five years ago, I was also having some s**t with my wife back then. It's just that it was time, I knew that I had to do something, so I did it. Just wait lah, wait until your friends have kids and they are in school, and you are still single -- you'll feel like s**t man.

"My best advice for you ah, just get married and get over with it man. You won't find a girl who will follow you for five years of her life. Please lah! She has followed you all this while, she must see something in you. You can still save your relationship with her. Just be cool. Let her vent all her frustration first, then you try your best. Take my word for it you won't go wrong."

I listened and nodded my head, my friend's analysis of why the girlfriend is breaking up with me seemed to be spot on.


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