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Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Work After Office Hours

Nowadays, I do some of my work at cafes, fast food outlets (like McDonald's) or mamak restaurants. It's generally work which I am too busy to finish off during office hours, like client work, or my part-time studies. Assignments, arguments, etc. -- they're in the same to-do list, and they get done.

How I got to thinking this way? I see my office and think, I will use the following if I stay back after work: air-conditioning, lighting equipment, computers, water, toilet, electricity, money. There is the question of safety while leaving the office. It's also lonely to do work alone at office. The simple solution is to bring work elsewhere (outside), where there will be people, music/tv, and food/drink. The simple mind tells me that I will be happy to be around other people. And I am. Plus, if somebody wants to meet me in a hurry, it's no hassle. He just has to join me at the cafe / fast food outlet where I am doing my work.

My job is quite sedentary, I do not move around as much as I'd like; it's usually a brief moment in a government department or in the chambers of a registrar. It's nice to get out, and nice to eat your dinner when others are having theirs. (I used to have late night dinners, late at night, after slogging at the office. It's a bad habit that makes me put on weight.)

All this seemed fine, until I was told that fast food (McDonald's in particular) is high in calories, and doing work there isn't a permanent solution. I was told: If I become a regular, I will become marked, and people will follow me to rob me. If I eat fast food regularly, I will have an unhealthy lifestyle and become obese. I would probably not be able to finish off any work at all, because it'd be a busy place. And, I would risk losing things when I went to the washroom.

All these reasons were quite logical and I accept them. But sometimes, I still bring my work to the cafe or the fast food restaurant or the mamak restaurant because work needs to be done, and there is a group involved. It's easier to keep the group motivated with food and drink. Add to that the bright lights, the pleasant music, the free refills, the free wi-fi, and the familiarity of the brand, can anyone blame insurance agents and real estate agents for doing their presentations at such places? And college students for doing their homework / assignments there, too? So, if they can, why not I?

And why not you?

Thank you dear reader, for visiting this website.

And I wish you all, a Very Happy Mother's Day 2011!