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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another End of the Year Post

The coming year will be an unknown variable for many people. It's been a year since I felt victimized by certain events that led to me almost losing my sanity. An unknown man had hit on my girlfriend, and she had responded. It was a devastating revelation, which I had discovered only by accident. I hung on to the relationship, and things eased up. She left my firm to work elsewhere; I tried my best to cope. As it is, we have tied the knot, because despite her straying, my heart hankered for her. The next year will definitely be a transformational journey for me, as I embark on the "journey of a thousand steps". Next year, I hope to make things good. Next year, I plan to earn more and embark on a journey of fatherhood, husbandhood, and sonhood. I have been living apart from my family for nearly a month and I have found the effects of living away to be maturing and liberating. However, this is probably due to the wife not moving in yet. She has her idiosyncrasies that I am willing to put up with, such is my great love for her.

Something that I've discovered since moving into this apartment is that she likes to throw away food. Bread that has been bought must be consumed within three days; otherwise, she will discard it. The same thing goes for milk; she assumes that milk packets must be quaffed within two days of their opening. After that, she will discard it. I strongly feel that this is wasteful, despite her best arguments that it is for the best, especially pointing to the dangers of eating expired food. How long does food keep? In fact, food keeps longer than what she thinks, but then again, I am the one buying the groceries each week and swiping my card. Her only obligation is to get rid of things. This is a perverse logic that will not bode well in the long run.

I found these few links to be very useful in estimating how long to keep food in the food pantry.

Certainly, the big surprise is finding out that bread goes stale faster in the fridge than at room temperature.... Something that I will keep in mind. :)