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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

End of the Year

It is the end of the year. Have you been more frugal this year? This is always the aim, but it is not always attained. Sometimes we try our best-est to achieve certain ideals, but those ideals remain elusively out of our reach. Nevertheless, we must continue to strive to attain them. In that trying, we refine our mind, and we train ourselves to disciplined willpower. If a man should fail to strive, very quickly he will become slovenly and unkempt in his mind. An athlete that fails to work hard in his training will soon find his muscles atrophying. The muscle man who stops going to gym quickly develops a small paunch which balloons into a belly. Thus, continuous efforts to improve should never stop.

Good things come in threes, and tonight I'm in the mood to think about three things. There is a new stage in my life, and things require some rumination.

First, I'm about to be married to the girl that I was complaining about last year. This means that it's a brand new stage, with the same old person. Inevitably, old habits will resurface, even though we wish to greet each and every new day with eyes renewed. Our weariness in dealing with the same old thing, day after day, will cause us to take things for granted. Thus, I must remind myself to be calm and appreciate each day for what it is. If we were to see somebody else do something for the first time, we would not be surprised to find ourselves wondering why it is done in this way or that; yet if we were to look at the people closest to us, we would think, "Oh, he's usually like that, and there's no reason for him to change." Yet change is the only thing that is constant in this world, and knowing that, we should continuously examine the foundations of our assumptions. Keep trying to be good, never becoming evil, and striving to deliver the best that we can. Only in this way can we deliver something for the better good of humanity. It's just too easy to become disillusioned and disappointed in other people. Always try to see the better side of things. In this way, marriages and relationships can last, because they are nurtured with love and care, and remain ever fresh, rather than becoming staid and stale.

Second, one must learn to conquer himself. It is a far greater challenge to master one's eccentricities and create a golden example from them, than it is to fight another man and bring him down in hand-to-hand combat. It certainly helps you to get more organized and to plan your day better. Being on top of things is an aim that many people forget along the way, while they strive to realise the big dreams that they have dreamt up in their daydreaming haze. Certainly, a man can dream up contraptions and grand schemes, but eventually he has to come to the realisation that without pulling his act together, he'd be a total mess and find it very difficult to get anything done. Whip yourself into shape, just like the athlete wakes himself up at dawn to run around the park. Drill yourself in tasks until habit becomes a skill, so that you can perform certain basic tasks. Control finances, be punctual, be honourable, and always tell the truth. It might smart at first, but in the long term things will become bearable, even desirable. I simply cannot tolerate a life where we have to cower in fear of our lies being discovered. That is no life at all, and if a man were alive, there would hardly be any life in his eyes, because he does not find anything in himself to be proud of. This is the struggle that all men who wish to rise above the norm must conquer. Finances are especially important, but not to the point of robbing Peter to pay Paul. An honest day's living was always the pride of the poor man, no matter how hopeless his lot.

Third, keeping one's promise is fundamental to generating trust. When one is trustworthy, people will seek him out to positions of responsibility. Yet those who climb to the heights of power frequently forget the responsibility thrust upon them and become corrupted. This should never happen. One must always be true to himself. I do not believe that the evil man's conscience does not impinge upon his every thought, to the point where he suffers and has to commit more evil to smother his conscience. Hence I must think of my every move and my every step, how I have to act and move in order that I can keep my promises. A man who tries to be reliable but fails to plan his actions, becomes unreliable. One must also stand up bravely to ensure that he can carry out his responsibilities. I remember once that my followers came for a dinner function, and there were not enough seats for them. They were disgruntled and told me that I was a bad leader, because I did not reserve the chairs for them. Actually, on that evening I had told them to come early and because it was a free seating hall, I had to give up the seats that I had reserved for them. I watched them go off elsewhere for their own dinner. I resolved to prevent the recurrence of this incident, which I could have. Still, it was a difficult situation for me.

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May the coming year bless you greatly.