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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hotels Are Cheaper Online

Just the other day, I decided to book some hotel rooms for my relatives, who were scheduled to visit me this weekend. Verily, I did my duty by driving my faithful car to the nearby Armada Hotel. I asked the counter lady what the price was -- how much it was for a night. She told me something about a "rack rate", and mentioned that it was RM295-00 per night. Then she showed me a brochure that said the usual price for such a room was RM420-00 per night. I thought it was a good deal.

Then I did something different. I went online and checked on the price of the hotel, through one of these hotel booking websites. (I won't name any, so that you can choose the ones that you already know). I found that it was RM215 per night for a similar room, booked online.

I decided that I would investigate further. I went to PJ Hilton and was quoted RM330++ for their basic offering -- and it was apparently already discounted. When I went online it was RM285++ per night.

In the end, I wound up booking rooms at one of the leading hotels in KL for my relatives, and I would like to believe that it was a good deal. Anyway, I wasn't worried because the website has a cancellation policy where you can book and cancel before the day of check-in , without any penalty. This is definitely one of the big money savers....