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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Video - Being Frugal - The Original Sustainability

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This video was filmed in January 2010. The speaker is Chris Farrell, a contributing editor of Bloomberg Businessweek. Why should you watch this video, which I found kind of boring but relevant nevertheless? :-D Well, Farrell speaks about being frugal today, which is viewed as a good thing. He talks about frugality in his childhood, how people used to pinch pennies back then and how they pinch pennies today, and how it is viewed positively today.

I quite liked that he said that frugality is different from being a cheapskate. The usual connotation is "Frugal" means "Cheap", but it doesn't mean that. "Frugality is the opposite of being a cheapskate. It's about being very conscious about the impact of your spending." 

I found this video quite heartening, for the fact that Farrell tells you, that there is great pride to be had in being frugal. There is nothing to be shy about in trying to be frugal. :) How good life would be if we could be more frugal!

So, if you enjoyed this video, please consider reading his articles. Farrell writes at Bloomberg Businessweek. Here are links to three of his recent articles.