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Monday, 4 February 2013

The cost of a relationship

An article in the newspapers today caught my eye- Counting Costs of a Relationship. How do couples handle money in a relationship? For the most part, it applies to married couples or those staying together for the long-term. I dont believe that dating couples pool their money together; most of them spend life as separate legal entities, treating their single-ness as freedom from responsibility, and believing (perhaps erroneously) that since financial affairs are their own, their partner has no business prying there.

Married couples are a different category of people, and very often are expected to share details of their private lives. After marriage, perhaps privacy is lessened, but for a good cause: to gain trust. How else can there be trust except through transparency? Yet again, a person may retort that trust without transparency is the true mark of trust. With transparency, anyone (even a disbeliever) cannot deny the truth. But the point is that transparency in the usual day-to-day affairs lead to trust when transparency is not available, whereas there can never be trust when there never has been trust.