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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gadget Mania

Recently a friend of mine purchased a new Lumia. It's a beautiful phone and does most of what she wants... take photos, surf the net, check the mails... except, it doesnt have a large screen. She started talking to me about getting a Galaxy Tab.

My advice to her was to hold off any purchase for 6 to 12 months. Technology moves so fast nowadays, that by next year this time, this year's superstar gizmo would have dropped price because it would no longer be the newest, fastest, trendiest, etc... but if you think that this year's superstar gizmo is good for you, then hold on a bit and you'll be able to buy it next year at a bargain!

A tech writer friend once told me that he would never buy any mobile device over RM800. Because technology moves quickly, today's top-of-the-line gadgets will be available in one or two years' time at a price around RM800. True? You decide.