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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Leg trouble

My wife recently complained of pain in her left leg. For a few weeks, it went unheeded, the pain being then somewhat bearable. Of late, however, the pain increased beyond what she could bear. And so we went to the hospital at KPJ Sentosa this last Wednesday. The finding was inflammation in the vein, extending from the inner thigh to the bottom of the left foot. Some medication was given after an ultrasound scan was conducted. It cost me RM3xx.

Having seen the doctor, she decided to spend time at her mother's home, as by this time she complained that lifting our child is painful. But yesterday she anxiously returned home, despite whatever pains she might be going through. Apparently, it being the end of the month, she was required to purchase products from the health company Melaleuca, in order to maintain and upkeep her "points", which would guarantee her certain perks. I wound up paying RM278 or thereabouts for a shopping list that included mascara and eye shadow.

It was also last night that she demanded a credit card to be subbed to her, as she wanted to go for physiotherapy in Petaling Jaya. The cost of physio in a particular expert's clinic would be about RM200 per session, and she wants to go daily. And so I shall have to give her a card for that purpose. But there is a reason for the expense: her sister has been treated by the same physiotherapist, and made a full recovery (from what, I do not know) after one month.

I've skipped lunch several days this week, trying to save money. But saving money is no easy feat at this moment, when money is spent without a moment's thought. She said that she wants her own career in photography; I have spent RM10,000 of my savings for her, acquiring a Canon EOS 6D and accompanying lens, and a dry cabinet to boot. A high end flash was gifted to her by my family collectively. The business hasn't taken off as yet, because she wants a studio in which to carry out her business of portrait photography. And so another major expense awaits, for renovations and redoing my office. It seems that the hurdles never stop coming.

How can we overcome hurdles like these in life? I believe that the right attitude must precede all else. One must desire to conserve one's wealth; yet where expense cannot be spared, discretion should be exercised prudently. I know that among these complaints that I have made today, many seem to be unavoidable expenses. Yet there are often times when my beloved spouse will declare that a friend or a relative has gone to some faraway land for holiday, and the photos were so beautiful: we should go, too. And sometimes it is, instead about some toy that she wants to buy for the son, justified on the ground that it will be purchased for him, not for herself. And yet many a thing that was bought is often sold or "donated", requiring new purchases. What happens, I wonder, to the revenue from items that were sold? One point-and-shoot camera was purchased from Groupon, and sold because I had not shown interest in using it. (I had plans to use it to shoot videos, but I could not find the charger.)

And so it is with my life. I'm stuck with a leaky bucket, so there's no point talking about hauling water.