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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Going Green is Tough for Poor People

We often talk about going green, doing things for the good of the world. But there's often no money to be made in going green. The poor people who want to get out of poverty often follow the path of industrialized nations: manufacturing, in the name of self-sufficiency, to exploit domestic markets; construction and deforestation, to cater for the booming population; services of all types, to complement the other sectors. More often, third world countries will undertake the outsourced work of first world nations, as it represents income that cannot be neglected. Let's face it, even the poorest nation today needs to make money. Thus, going green is often the rallying cry of the advanced nations, because only they have the technology and the money for the research. If their call is heeded, they will emerge as leaders.

Only when we abolish money, and the things that necessitate money, will we ever be truly free to go green. But such an ideal state will never exist for long.