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Friday, 5 September 2014

Door converted to bed?

Today I had the opportunity to read about Cedric Hampson. In a moving eulogy, published by Hearsay, the journal of the Bar Association of Queensland, it was stated that Cedric had met his wife while skiing in Austria. He proposed within 5 days of getting to know her -- and why not, since he was going to have to go back to Australia after a short skiing trip. Cedric obtained the approval of her stern father, and married within 6 months of proposing.

Then the eulogy states: "Cedric brought his young bride back to Australia to share the privations of a frugal existence in an abode in Auchenflower where their first bed was made from an old door as Cedric worked hard to establish his career at the Queensland Bar." (Source)

I'm really amazed that Cedric and wife made do with a bed made of a door. But then it was the 1950's, and I suppose that society then was very much different from society today. Or perhaps, mat salleh society is different from Asian society.

I think that it's not unthinkable, but it is unusual. But people have been converting doors to other uses. A quick trip to Google where I type, "convert door to", yields multiple suggestions: headboard, window, table, pocket door, dutch door, wall, swinging door, french door, barn door, sliding door. I for one, would not mind converting a door with artistic carvings to a table. It will be very interesting for tea time.