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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Some LAT cartoons on exhibit at Sasana Kijang

These are some cartoons that were drawn by LAT, the famous Malaysian cartoonist. They are on display at Sasana Kijang, the museum of Bank Negara Malaysia (the central bank of Malaysia).

There were a few cartoons that I did not snap, but I think I have more than half of the exhibited cartoons here.

Click on the cartoons to view the original size.
Do enjoy!

"Jimat" means "to save", while "Boros" means "spendthrift". Like the cartoon says, pull the brakes when you find yourself spending too much, too freely.

"Hutang" means "debt", "hutang-piutang" means "debts".
"Tolong!" means "Help!!" 
Basically showing the everyman getting snowed under by debts and unable to get up, a reminder to us not to get too much into debt.

The man who is chased by the debt collector can run faster than national athletes!

"Baki simpanan" means "balance of savings". A man checking his savings account balance online, a good thing to do as it helps keep him aware about his spending.

Starting a fire? Here comes the insurance salesman, to sell "insuran kebakaran" (fire insurance).

"Memohon kenaikan wang saku" -- "Application for pocket money raise".
Kids have to justify why and what they are asking for...

"Kami menerima kad-kad kredit" -- "We accept credit cards."
"Bayar tunai boleh?" -- "Can I pay in cash?"
Pay in cash, avoid the credit card interest that constantly increases!