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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Check Immigration Blacklist Before Travel

Hi there! Are you Malaysian? Are you planning to travel overseas soon? If you answered "Yes!" to both the questions above, it is a good idea to check if you have been put on the Immigration Department's travelling blacklist.

To ensure a safe departure...

Imagine queueing up at KLIA with your family or loved ones, when you are suddenly barred from boarding the plane. An officer comes up to you and says, "Sorry encik, your record shows that you are blacklisted from travelling because of income taxes (or some other reason)."

You stand there, flabbergasted. You have already paid for the airflight and the hotel and the tour and God knows what else. Of course you'll tell your family, "Go ahead without me, I'll settle this and join you guys there." Of course you'll tell the authorities, "Ini hutang saya boleh jelaskan dengan senang... tapi saya ada sedikit dispute tentang amaun itu." ("I can settle this easily... but I have a small dispute on the amount.") And chances are they won't allow you to fly.

International Departures, KLIA2 airport. Photo by user "Walkingkamus" (Wikipedia)

So to check whether you're on Immigration's blacklist, please visit this page and key in your MyKad number. You'll save yourself a lot of embarassment by avoiding getting blocked at the airport. If you find that you've been blacklisted, you can still take some positive steps to resolve the situation, such as visiting the relevant department (find out which one blacklisted you), and negotiating.

You're welcome. Happy travelling!

Here's an image of a nice destination to wish you "Bon Voyage".