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Friday, 3 April 2015

Solving a Repodata/Repomd.xml Problem on OpenSUSE 12.3

Here I am, using my OpenSUSE 12.3, 8-year old laptop. It's working fine, despite its advanced age. I'm a happy frugal man.

But in recent days I was annoyed to no end with a rectangular window popping up on my screen, saying that "repodata/repomd.xml" cannot be found. The message said, "Problem connecting to a software source". Below it, was reference to a URL:

I tried visiting the repository at There, I saw that the Printing repository was available only for OpenSUSE 13.1, 13.2 and Factory¸ and other versions, but not for 12.3.

No wonder then that problem popped up.

A flurry of Googling turned up some links, e.g. disabling or uninstalling Apper. Another solution involved tinkering with Zypper. I declined to try both options.

It was then that I stumbled across the repository for what I presumed the system was looking for. Except that the URL for this alternative repository is at instead of

Gingerly, I fired up Yast and changed the URL for the Printing repository (under software repositories). It solved the problem with the Printing repository.

After that another window popped up. It was for haskell. Luckily for me, changing "" to "" also solved that.

After that it was wash, rinse and repeat with other pop-up windows. I changed the repository URL's for pascal, python, and games.

And now, Apper's working fine, and I got a list of new updates that are available for OpenSUSE 12.3, including some from 2015. I suppose I should update.

But updates are only a temporary solution. A long-term solution would be probably to upgrade the entire system to OpenSUSE 13.2.

Sorry, ladies. I know some of you who read this blog aren't fans of Linux, but Linux is available for free. I recommend Ubuntu and Mint Linux for the newbies, but for me, I prefer OpenSUSE and its green cool aesthetics.

Start here: DistroWatch. It's a fanboy site for Linux users.