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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Free flights for life from Air Asia

In 2009, a 31 year old passenger went into labor on an Air Asia flight from Penang to Kuching. The passenger, a woman by the name of Liew, was reportedly 27 weeks pregnant. The full term of a pregnancy is 40 weeks. Most airlines prohibit passengers from boarding if they are 36 or more weeks pregnant.

An emergency landing was made at Kuala Lumpur Airport but the child was born before the plane landed.

The child was born just before landing and was delivered by a doctor on board and was assisted by flight attendants.

It was reported by the UK Daily Mail then AirAsia decided to present both mother and child with free flights for life.

It seems that this is not an isolated incident. There are reports of other airlines awarding free flights for life to babies born on board during flight. However, it is not likely that anyone would want to purposely give birth in flight.