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Friday, 11 December 2015

Try not to use money principle

In the process of continuous improvement, there is something known as Kaizen. Kaizen, in short, is the process of "good and positive change". Through this process of Kaizen, things get better and better over time. What is really important in this process, is to start small improvements which, over time, can build to something big.

There are several steps in the Kaizen method. I found these steps from one of the many online sites.

Step 1: eliminate all the necessary steps.
Step 2: combine all related steps.
Step 3: change sequence of processes.
Step 4: every resources or replace steps.

Naturally, all of these things require an analysis of what you are trying to do. Break down the steps and try to simplify, combine, rearrange, or substitute.

And never forget, in doing all that, try not to use money. You can improve without using money in many situations... let's try to think of a few examples:

How about, instead of spending money to go for  a holiday, you can consider spending the money to improve yourself.

How about, instead of buying a new car when you move to a new country, you arrange to carpool with somebody and take a lift from one of your colleagues.

How about, instead of spending a small fortune on your anniversary dinner to satisfy your wife's relatives, you bring your wife and your family for a short holiday.

How about, instead of going for a normal university degree program you take an online course or a part time course and start earning immediately out of school.

There are many roads to the same destination. We can keep our minds open and our options will increase. But in the end it takes a bit of brain in order to make things happen. Today's world is full of immediate solutions which require money.

Who doesn't know, you can get things done immediately if you spend money? But you may not know that you can save some money if you spend some time to think about things.