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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Recycling car tires

Got a few spare tires lying around?

You might be able to repurpose and recycle them old tires! Don't let them go to waste. And don't let your mechanic keep them, unless you really have no choice! Don't you know that them mechanics take your old tires and coat them with rubber, and retread them, and resell them for a tidy profit? Think! Wouldn't you like to get a bunch of that cash for yourself?

So, I came across this nice album of "10,000 ideas for used tires" on Facebook. It looks like it's worth exploring....

Hey Entrepreneurs! Support My Page!

By the way, I'd appreciate if you could Like my Facebook page: Entrepreneurs Keep Going! Just click on "Like Page" button above. I started the page to encourage myself, as an entrepreneur. I hope to encourage others as well. I believe that entrepreneurship could do with a good sprinkling of frugality, because entrepreneurship should not be about spending with no end. If you do that, you'll soon see the end of your spending.

Be smart, be frugal, and cut a corner or two when you can. But you need to know, when  you can be frugal. Because you can't cut corners where it really matters. Would you buy a half-cut car if you knew, you'd be racing at 180 km/h in it? Chances are, you'd know that that car could break up midway, and you'd be split right in half. You don't need the very best car in the market. But you also don't need to skimp on basic quality.

Learn to spend when you have no choice. Save when you don't need to spend. (It's easier to remember than saying, save whenever you can.)