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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Where the PPD files are

Oh, My Old Brother MFC 7360!

It's like a never ending love story -- the story of me, my ageing PC, my love for Linux, and the Brother MFC 7360. Nowadays, newer printers can be found, but to their credit, Brother makes available Linux drivers for many of their printers. That's why, I've decided to stick with Brother for most of my Linux-powered computers, at the office and at home. 

The Penguin is a symbol of the Linux movement. Hello, Penguin man! (By the way, the above seems to be a potato print of a penguin from Crafthubs website. No permission obtained, but I'm posting it anyway.)

After recently installing Elementary OS (based on Ubuntu) on my ageing laptop, I then installed the Brother MFC 7360 Linux drivers. This time, it was the DEB (Debian) packages that I needed, while before, I needed the RPM packages (for my frolic with OpenSUSE).

But I haven't used the MFC 7360 for printing directly from this new installation. I have an MFC 7360 at the office, and one at home. At the office, the PC is correctly configured to print directly to the printer. At the home, not yet.

So it came as some surprise when I plugged in the MFC 7360 today at home, and saw that there was no suitable driver found. "Huh?" I thought. "Didn't I install the DEB packages recently?"

After trying a few times, I decided to reinstall my MFC 7360 printer drivers. Here's what I did.

Locate the PPD files

I started a Terminal. At the bash, I typed the following:
cd /
This put me in the root directory of the computer. Then:
locate *ppd | grep 7360
This helped me to find all files ending in "ppd" (case sensitive: does not include "PPD"). Then, by piping into "grep" I isolated only the search results that had the number "7360" in it.

This was the result.
This made the next step easy now that I knew where to find my PPD files.

Delete the Existing Printer from CUPS

Load up your Firefox or other browser and go to http://localhost:631

Look for "Administration".

Delete the existing MFC 7360 printer.

Add A New Printer in CUPS

Again, at localhost:631, go to "Administration".

Add a printer.

If the printer is connected via USB, select the USB connection identified by CUPS.

Add printer.

Give it a name and a description.

At the final page, MFC 7360 won't be in the list of printers. Instead, add a PPD file.

Specify a PPD location. Choose from the earlier search results.

In my case, I selected "/usr/share/ppd/MFC7360.ppd"

And a few minutes later, I test printed -- it worked.

Just in case you've got problems adding printers in CUPS

Here's what I did: I added my current user to the group "lpadmin".

First, under Ubuntu, you need to set a root password. Use this command:
sudo root passwd
 Specify a suitable password for your root account.

Now add your user to the group "lpadmin".
sudo adduser <your username> lpadmin

Now try everything again. Should work.