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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Are you being a hypocrite?

My wife likes to say that you don't need to be rich to be happy.

So whenever I outline my plans to boost my career in ways that would help this family economically, she has this habit of saying, "No, that's not necessary ... money isn't everything."

Yet she loves to spend. And spend. It makes her happy.

How can you seriously expect to spend a lot without earning a lot? Easy. When you have a husband who grits his teeth and smiles. And pays. 

Grit your teeth, smile, and pay.

Words that I wish I could say to my wife.

You might want to try them on your wife. (Sorry, ladies!)

#1: "Darling, if you insist on spending all that money, perhaps you should confine your spending to the first week of the month -- after I've received my salary."

That's because she feels that she can buy any time of the month, even when funds are tight.

#2: "Darling, I wish that I understood why you need so many units of the same thing. Didn't you buy the same thing last week? Different patterns but same functionality."

That's because when she likes something, she buys the same thing, in different colours and different models.

#3: "Darling, I've just figured out your most ideal role model: Your grandmother. You should observe and emulate how she spends money."

That's because most grandmothers tend to hoard their money. 

#4: "Darling, the kids won't understand the difference between expensive and cheap toys. They only know toys."

That's because we buy things that we think our kids will like. But sometimes our kids aren't that hard to please. And they don't mind having cheap things.

#5: "Darling, you don't want to be known as the handbag lady. There's already a very famous one."

That one needs no explanation, especially if you're Malaysian. That famous one loves Birkin bags.

#6: "Darling, once the kids have grown up, maybe we can move to a small town."

Hmm. My dream come true. At least, the minified version of my dream of living it up in the big city lights: Living it up in the small town streetlights.

#7: "Darling, life is great as a bankrupt."

There's more to life than pleasing you.

Thanks for reading.

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