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Monday, 15 August 2016

Be Sure of What You're Buying Online!

The Rich and Lonely Chinese Man

He checked his watch. He had been informed by an Australian escort agency to be at the hotel. At the appointed hour, he made his appearance. 

He stood in the hotel lobby. He was wearing his best suit. A tuxedo. He thought about the room he had booked. He thought about the dinner he had booked.

He was waiting for a lady to come. He was expecting a beautiful lady, a celebrity.

He waited and waited, but she never came.

"A fool and his money are soon parted." Remember that, kid. Check the goods before you fork out the cash.


His name was Martin Xu Yu. He was a Chinese businessman. He had a lot of money.

He paid an Australian escort agency A$3.7 million to have sex with celebrities. 

He thought that he would have sex with Megan Fox (actress), Angelababy (actress), and Candice Swanepoel (model). He must have stayed awake with excitement after clicking "Pay Now".

But nothing happened. He heard crickets.

Now he's suing the escort agency for his money back.

You can read the news reports from Daily Mail and Inquirer.

How did it happen?

First he paid the $24,000 joining fee.

Soon after he paid $500,000. That was in July 2014.

Two days later he paid another $500,000.

Then he paid $2.5 million in August 2014.

Two days later he paid another $200,000.

The agency promised to send Angelababy in September 2014. It never happened.

He had been stood up.

The question was, who stood him up -- the escort agency, or the celebrity?

I think he stood himself up. He let his defences down, so he got conned.

His lust led him to the moment of defeat.

Even though Mr Martin Xu Yu is upset, he should realize that his glass can be refilled. Don't throw good money after bad. How about using that money to build his business, and make more money?

He should have checked.

He should have confirmed that he would meet the celebrities. But he didn't. Because he couldn't. How could he?

It was a clandestine affair. Top secret.

"Hush, nobody will know. And by the way.... Pay Now."

And so, as the old saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

That's why you should never trust websites like AdultFriendfinder and Ashley Madison. And other websites that promise to make your fantasies come true.

Because there's just no way of verifying that these services are true.

A Lesson on How To Save Money.

We shouldn't laugh at the poor guy, unless we learn something from his downfall.

With A$3.7 million, he could have thrown a party and invited one of his favourite starlets to be the guest of honour. He could have made a show out of donating A$1 million to a charity. Or several charities.

He would have gotten lots of free publicity. Instant fame. Instant celebrity. 

Then he could have used the balance to chase that starlet. He could have bought her a lot of stuff. Taken her for a lot of dates. Watch more movies than he ever did. 

And then he might have succeeded in his mission.

The good things in life don't need to be instant. Spend some time getting to your destination and you'll appreciate what you have a lot more. Those who want everything now, now, now are opening themselves to being conned. Bad deals are all about "You have to pay now because today is the last day for our special offer". Remember that. They don't want you to think. So think.

His problem was that he wanted it the easy way. He wanted to pay for "it" and get "it" immediately, without any hard work. 

If he had been willing to put in a little effort and spend his money more slowly, he might still be holding on to a large chunk of it.

A wise old man once mentioned that the journey is to be enjoyed. But this guy was only thinking of the destination. 

What if someone said that he could "teleport" you to a faraway destination, for an obscene price... would you? You might. But what if he told you that the technology was experimental... that you might not appear on the other side? You might back off. 

Because you know that you might disappear here and not appear there. A disappearing act without any reappearing in it.

Just like the Chinese man's money. It disappeared and did not reappear.

The lesson is: Take the longer road. Your money will last longer.

Thanks for reading.

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